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IObit Driver Booster Pro Crack Setup Free [REPACK]

once you download driver booster free and install it on your computer, you can start a scan. in case you dont click on scan, the driver updater starts an automatic diagnostic within 5 seconds of being installed. after around 2 minutes, the driver booster tool shows a list of all outdated drivers on the device. you can either choose a one-click update or explore driver details before deciding.

IObit Driver Booster Pro Crack setup free

in addition to its drivers-updating feature, driver booster also offers a couple of other handy utilities. its disk cleaner utility checks your pc's hard drive and identifies and then safely removes temporary files, including cookies, history, auto-starting programs, and more. the utility also helps you identify and then delete your documents and pictures that are no longer in use, which is great if youre looking to free up space on your drive.

in addition, you can use driver booster to quickly restore your pc to its factory settings. this is great for when youve installed a brand new hardware piece, and you need to reconfigure your computer to recognize the device.

driver booster is also a convenient way to update drivers that are already installed on your computer. simply select the scan for updates option, and then click the scan button. once the process is complete, driver booster displays a list of any outdated drivers that it finds. click the update button next to each driver to automatically download and install the newest version of the software.

you can also use driver booster to easily update your sound card drivers and any other drivers that are relevant to your audio device. click the scan for updates option, and then click the scan button.

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