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5 Free Online FIFA Card Maker To Create Custom FIFA Player Cards REPACK

The best part about these websites is that they come with a huge database where you can find almost all the players from different national football teams, domestic teams, etc. The database can come in handy if you want to customize the FIFA card of any existing player instead of creating your own. So, whether you want to add a custom player to the FIFA game, or simply want to create a FIFA card with your own image for fun, then these FIFA card makers can help.

5 Free Online FIFA Card Maker to Create Custom FIFA Player Cards

FIFA 18 Card Creator (by Futhead) is one of the best free online FIFA card maker to create custom FIFA player cards. It allows you to create cards for different FIFA seasons starting from FIFA 10 up to FIFA 18. You can either use real-life players or add your own image to the FIFA card. It allows you to completely customize the card like you can choose different card types (Gold, Silver, Bronze, World Cup, etc.), chemistry style (from Attacker, Midfielder, Defender, Skiller, or Goalkeeper), move images, etc.

FIFA 18 Card Creator (by FifaRosters) can also be used to create custom FIFA player cards online for free. You can use it to create cards for FIFA 16, FIFA 17, and FIFA 18. This website also has the option to load existing player cards and customize them or you can make a fresh one with custom image and data. It lets you choose dozens of card styles like Record Breaker, Ones to Watch, FUT United, Path to Glory, Non Rare Gold, and more. You can also upload custom card style after signing in to the website. You can enter the player rating, name, position, club, and nation manually.

FIFA Player Card Creator (by WeFUT) is the last website which also comes with simple options to create a FIFA players card. This one lets you create cards for FIFA 13 up until FIFA 18. Similar to other FIFA card creators explained in this post, this one also lets you create your own player card or customize the cards of existing players. You can give any name to the player, and set the position, rating, and chemistry style. There are dozens of card types available for you to choose such as World Cup, Bronze IF, Pro Player, Halloween, Futmas, and more.

So, these are some of the free FIFA card maker which lets you create your own custom FIFA player cards. What is more interesting about these websites is that they let you create your own player or use the existing player cards for customization. You have total control over the card customization. They also come with an intuitive interface making it quite simple for you to create FIFA player cards.

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