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Learn How to Hack SMA Grid Guard and Change Your Inverter Settings

bruce schneier is wrong. he made two assumptions about the password cracker:

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  • that the dictionary being referred to is a large, non-unique list of words

  • that the attacker knows all the words in the dictionary.

cryptographer bruce schneier and security expert bruce schneier are the only people to have attacked the password cracker theory of random words. according to bruce schneier, such a list of "dictionary words" is an unguessable "stupid" password.

the second assumption is also invalid. password crackers do not use a dictionary, they use statistical algorithms to guess your password. thus, an attacker that doesnt know your password wont know all the possible dictionary words. the only key is to know enough words that the statistical algorithms will guess your password.

which of these theoretical attacks will you encounter when trying to crack a password? in the first example: you are shown a picture and asked to select the person in the picture from a list. this is a low-hanging fruit attack where the attacker's keystroke detection algorithm can be bypassed. perhaps the attacker recorded you selecting a picture and can now create an avatar to use for the attack.

yes, you can autofill a password, for example, to verify if you're who you think you are. then, you can "trust" the password, which is as safe as any other password in your password-vault. this happens, most likely, when you don't identify yourself when using the password vault, that is, when you enter a wrong username to access it. the best password cracker is the one that asks you to type your password, not you to answer a bunch of autofilled options. currently, most of these tools only work with the most secure of password vaults - online password vaults.

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