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In Complete †2023 WORK

"Some of our customers have requested to modestly adjust some of their 2023 shipments downward, particularly with respect to the first half of 2023," said CEO Thomas Caulfield in his opening remarks for the company's Q3 2022 earnings conference.

In Complete – 2023


Later onm a conference call, CFO Dave Reeder gave a more nuanced view, saying: "We think the first half of 2023 is probably the trough based on what we're hearing. It's probably more likely than not the first quarter, but we continue to refine and assess that demand based upon our collaboration with customers."

Gordon said he believes that the GlobalFoundries' forecast seems a little optimistic, and that Gartner is assuming only "improving market conditions" for 2H 2023, "But there is a lot of uncertainty about the macroeconomy overshadowing the outlook right now," he said today. 041b061a72

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