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Star Wars 2 Attack Of The Clones Battle Of Geonosis 1080p

Around the time of the arena battle, a group of clone troopers lead by Jedi Master Adi Gallia and Jedi Knight Siri Tachi attacked a power plant that fueled the droid foundries in the surrounding area. After having escorted the Aken to the surface of Geonosis, Master Gallia and Siri Tachi led several LAAT/i gunships at their command to deploy troopers near the power plant. The two Jedi defended the clones on the ground and in the air from Separatist forces which included battle droids, Armored Assault Tanks, and droid starfighters. Along the way, Gallia had the gunships destroy a nearby Trade Federation Core Ship. Clone troopers eventually reached the power plant and set up explosives inside it. After the plant was detonated by the clones, Adi Gallia and Siri Tachi took to space to prevent Separatist transports from escaping.[2]

star wars 2 attack of the clones battle of geonosis 1080p

Having beaten the droid army into retreat, Yoda noted that much of the Confederate Navy was still grounded receiving shipments of droids when the Republic attacked. Lightly armored and vulnerable Techno Union starships attempted to withdraw immediately, but many were destroyed in the first wave of attacks from the Republic gunships. The Jedi Master now ordered the army's artillery to attempt to take down as many of the heavily armored Trade Federation Core Ships as possible,[1] as they each held millions of deadly battle droids, and managed to bring down at least one. In space, the Republic fleet fought to intercept and destroy the Separatist ships that carried scores of combat droids.[source?]

In the confusion of the battle, the Separatist leader Dooku tried to flee to a hangar where his starship was docked. A Republic gunship carrying Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, and clone troopers pursued him. Dooku's wing guard of fighters piloted by Geonosians opened fire on the gunship; the resulting attack on the gunship led to Amidala and a clone trooper falling to the desert below. While Skywalker protested that they should not leave Amidala behind, Kenobi persuaded him that they had a mission. The gunship continued to pursue, deploying Kenobi and Skywalker into the Count's hangar shortly before being destroyed by laser fire.[1] Trailing Dooku and the Republic gunship was General Mace Windu in a fighter tank, who was intercepted by three of Dooku's Dark Acolytes in front of the hangar. They engaged Windu in combat, and all three were killed by the Jedi Master's TX-130S fighter tank, but not soon enough to allow the Korun master to involve himself in the fight.[19]

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