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Vodafone 3g Dongle Software Windows 8 ##VERIFIED##

Step 3: Connect to the Internet using the dongle. Make sure you run the proprietary software to connect to the Internet if that exists. Usually, it will be detected by your PC as a cellular connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

Vodafone 3g Dongle Software Windows 8

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Step 2: Connect to the Internet using the 3G / 4G USB dongle. Make sure you run the proprietary software to connect to the Internet on your Windows laptop, if that exists. Usually it will be detected by your PC as a cellular connection or a Wi-Fi connection.

Are Vodafone dongles compatible with Windows 10? Mine doesn't work although it was working perfectly on XP. Man in the Vodafone shop only interested in selling new deals and suggested I contact Huawei who don't really deal with the public it seems. Then I had a word with the guy in the repair shop who said try looking for software updates on the Internet but all I could find was seemingly the original software in the dongle. He also mentioned that in Settings it needs to show Mobile Data and not Mobile Network. It does show Mobile Data with a Three dongle but even with that all I got was a wheel spinning and I don't particularly want to use Three anyway owing to legal issues. Any suggestions Forum? Was looking at Wi-fi devices on Ebay but don't even know if they will work or not as they might be quite a few years old. The dongle is for use in my laptop at locations where there is no Wi-fi. As I have only limited access to the Internet now it might take me a while to get back to you.

I have had to wipe my computer recently and now my dongle's software won't reload. I keep getting an error message. Its the old K3565 rev 2 on a laptop using windows XP. Will the current software run it?

Send SMS from your Windows Computer to any Mobile to any country in world with Free Bulk SMS Software presented here. This SMS Software sends SMS from your own SIM Card with the help of a 3G dongle or any leading company like Airtel, Vodafone, etc. There is no registration required and no API or online account creation is required. This Bulk SMS Application works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and even on Windows 7 and is really easy to use. All you need to start sending SMS from your Windows PC is to connect your 3G dongle, start the software and start sending SMS Messages.

what about MICROMAX 3G USB MODEM ? (purchased on 2009)i have tried to install its inbuilt software, installed without any error.But whenever i tried to run its installed application from desktop shortcut, the application it says modem not detected. i have tried various tricks described on various websites. but NO SUCCESS.i m using WINDOWS 8 RTM X86 ( as an Administraror User).While my beetal usb 3g modem works fine on same laptop (windows 8).The above micromax modem works fine with windows 7.

hi VG,with ref to prev post, as i wanted to show ZTE USB Modem #FFF1 under the performance tab in task manager, following are the pics that may help u .Please respond if it is possible to show the modem or dongle network activity under task manager as with same dongle its showing in windows 7U but not in windows 8.

Hi,I have a Tata photon plus dongle which I m trying to use on my windows 8.1 machine, the device gets connected to the Internet but when I try to open a Web page it shows page cannot be displayed. Although the same device works fine on Windows 7 machine. Please help

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