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The Mahabharata Murders PDF: How a Serial Killer Uses the Epic as His Guide

The Mahabharata Murders PDF Free Download

The Mahabharata Murders is a crime thriller novel by Arnab Ray, also known as Greatbong, one of India's most widely read bloggers. The book was published in 2017 by Juggernaut Books and received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. The book is based on the themes and characters of the Mahabharata, one of the most epic and influential stories in Indian culture. The book follows a serial killer who believes he is the reincarnation of Duryodhana, the main antagonist of the Mahabharata, and his quest to kill his enemies, who he thinks are the Pandavas, the main protagonists of the Mahabharata. The book is a gripping and suspenseful read that combines mythology, psychology, and mystery in a unique way.


The story is set in Kolkata, where a series of gruesome murders take place. The victims are all brutally tortured and mutilated in ways that resemble the deaths of some of the characters from the Mahabharata. The killer leaves behind clues that indicate he is following a pattern based on the Mahabharata's narrative. The killer also calls himself Duryodhana and claims to be taking revenge for his defeat in the Kurukshetra war, where he fought against his cousins, the Pandavas.

the mahabharata murders pdf free download

The investigation is led by Ruksana Ahmed, a homicide detective who has a troubled past and a strained relationship with her partner Javed. She is assisted by Siddhanth Singh, a young and handsome officer who has a crush on her. They are also joined by Joy, a cyber expert who is obsessed with Indian classical music. Together, they try to unravel the mystery behind the killer's identity and motive, while also dealing with their own personal issues.

The killer targets people who have some connection to the Mahabharata's characters or events. He kills a woman named Draupadi Lahiri, who resembles Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. He kills a man named Sahadev Patel, who shares his name with Sahadeva, one of the Pandavas. He kills a politician named Pabitra Chatterjee, who is involved in a land scam similar to what Duryodhana did to cheat the Pandavas out of their kingdom. He also kills a doctor named Bipul Bannerjee, who performs illegal abortions and experiments on fetuses, which reminds him of how Duryodhana was born from a lump of flesh.

The killer also sends messages to Ruksana and Siddhanth, taunting them and challenging them to stop him. He reveals that he has a list of six more people he plans to kill before he completes his mission. He also claims that he has an accomplice who helps him execute his plans. Ruksana and Siddhanth race against time to find out who are the next targets and who is the mastermind behind this gruesome game.


The Mahabharata Murders is an engaging and thrilling novel that keeps the reader hooked till the end. The author has done a commendable job of weaving together elements from the Mahabharata and modern-day Kolkata in a seamless manner. The book explores themes such as revenge, justice, destiny, morality, and identity through the lens of both ancient and contemporary contexts.

The book also has well-developed characters who have their own flaws and strengths. Ruksana is a strong and smart heroine who struggles with her past trauma and her present dilemma. Siddhanth is a loyal and charming sidekick who tries to balance his professional duty and his personal feelings. Joy is a quirky and witty geek who provides comic relief and technical support. The killer is a complex and intriguing villain who has a twisted logic and a dark history.

The book also Who is the author of the book?Arnab Ray, also known as Greatbong, is the author of the book. He is a blogger, columnist, and novelist. He has written four other books: May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss, The Mine, Yatrik, and Sultan of Delhi: Ascension. He is also a PhD in Computer Science and works as a data scientist in the US.

What is the Mahabharata?The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. It is a story of a dynastic struggle between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, for the throne of Hastinapura. It is also a story of the Kurukshetra war, where the two sides fought for 18 days with the help of various gods and warriors. It is also a story of the moral and spiritual teachings of Krishna, who was the charioteer and guide of Arjuna, one of the Pandavas. The Mahabharata is considered to be one of the longest and most influential stories in world literature.

What are some of the similarities and differences between the book and the Mahabharata?Some of the similarities between the book and the Mahabharata are: - The book uses the names and characteristics of some of the characters from the Mahabharata, such as Duryodhana, Draupadi, Sahadeva, etc. - The book follows a similar pattern of events as the Mahabharata, such as the dice game, the exile, the war, etc. - The book explores some of the themes and concepts from the Mahabharata, such as dharma, karma, fate, justice, etc. Some of the differences between the book and the Mahabharata are: - The book is set in modern-day Kolkata, while the Mahabharata is set in ancient India. - The book is a crime thriller genre, while the Mahabharata is an epic genre. - The book has a realistic and rational tone, while the Mahabharata has a mythical and supernatural tone.

What are some of What are some of the other books by the author or similar to the book?Some of the other books by the author are: - May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss: A humorous and satirical book on Indian pop culture, politics, and society. - The Mine: A horror and sci-fi book on a group of scientists who discover a secret underground facility with a dark history. - Yatrik: A historical and fantasy book on a young man who travels across India in search of his destiny and encounters various adventures and dangers. - Sultan of Delhi: Ascension: A crime and drama book on a gangster who rises from rags to riches and becomes the most powerful man in Delhi. Some of the books similar to the book are: - The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi: A thriller and mystery book on a historian who is accused of murder and has to prove his innocence by solving a puzzle based on the Mahabharata and Krishna's life. - The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi: A thriller and conspiracy book on a group of people who uncover a secret that links Jesus, Islam, Buddhism, and the Mahabharata. - The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino: A thriller and crime book on a genius mathematician who helps his neighbor cover up a murder and faces a brilliant detective who tries to crack the case.

Who is the target audience for the book?The target audience for the book are: - People who enjoy reading crime thrillers, mysteries, and suspense novels. - People who are interested in Indian mythology, culture, and history. - People who are fans of the author's blog or previous books.

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